Welcome to the Park Cities-Preston Hollow Leaders Forum.

The PCPH Leaders Forum was founded to educate citizens about local, state, and federal political issues. We hold regular monthly meetings and often host authoritative speakers on a number of topics. The agenda of each meeting is designed to  

  • educate attendees on the political process (elections, passage of bills, and other political matters);
  • discuss the local, county, state and national political issues and current events;
  • review proposed resolutions and the effect of their becoming law; and 
  • review new legislation.

PCPH Leaders does not endorse political candidates but does permit candidates to briefly speak at meetings if pre-arranged.

There are no membership fees are dues; however, attendees are invited to donate any amount after each meeting to pay for the meeting facilities and other items furnished to attendees..

Electronic recording of regular meetings of any kind is not permitted without prior approval.  Anyone recording a meeting will be asked to leave.

Regular meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. However, please check the event calendar to confirm each meeting's date, time, and location.

PCPH Leaders 



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