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Our Mission is to return all levels of government to those boundaries and duties as set out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution (and it’s Amendments), the Bill of Rights, and the Enumerated Powers.  We interpret these documents as the Founding Fathers did, relying on their contemporaneous writings about them and the Core Principles of our organization.  We strive to educate our citizens in the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish our Mission and then organize their deployment.



Park Cities & Preston Hollow Tea Party

5 Principles

If you're like us, you know that good policy is really not all that complicated.  Experience and common sense teaches us, for example, that:  

1. Spending money you don't have and have no hope of getting is a recipe for disaster.  Thus, we believe in FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

2. More government and squandered spending is rarely the solution to a problem.  Thus, we believe in LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

3. Each individual must take primary responsibility for his own well-being and that of his family.  Thus, we believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

4. Every judge and prosecutor has a duty to apply the law as it is written, and not as he or she wishes it could be.  Thus, we believe in THE RULE OF LAW. 

5. The people of a nation should determine for themselves the laws which will govern their lives.  Thus, we believe in NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.


About Us


Park Cities Preston Hollow Leadership Forum 

The PCPH Leadership Forum, founded by Russ Ramsland in 2009, is an educational forum designed to raise awareness and help citizens learn about how to get involved with local, state, and federal political issues. It offers regular monthly meetings and hosts authoritative speakers on a variety of topics. The agenda of each meeting is designed to:  

  • educate attendees on the political process (elections, passage of bills, and other political matters);

  • discuss the local, county, state and national political issues and current events;

  • review proposed resolutions and the effect of their becoming law; 

  • review new legislation;

  • introduce candidates and current elected officials

  • equip attendees to influence their elected officials to support constitutional, conservative policies 

PCPH Leaders does not endorse political candidates but does permit candidates of either party to briefly speak at meetings, if pre-arranged. While there are over 1,200 attendees, there are no membership fees or cost to attend. The meeting room holds 130 people and often there is standing room only. 

Regular meetings are held monthly, however, please check the event calendar at to confirm each meeting's date, time, and location for possible changes. Regular meetings are held at the University Park Library, 8383 Preston Center Plaza, 3rd Floor, University Park, Texas. (Click here for map...)

For more information contact Beth at:

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PCPH Leaders 

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