Park Cities & Preston Hollow Tea Party

5 Principles

If you're like us, you know that good policy is really not all that complicated.  Experience and common sense teaches us, for example, that:  

1. Spending money you don't have and have no hope of getting is a recipe for disaster.  Thus, we believe in FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

2. More government and squandered spending is rarely the solution to a problem.  Thus, we believe in LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

3. Each individual must take primary responsibility for his own well-being and that of his family.  Thus, we believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

4. Every judge and prosecutor has a duty to apply the law as it is written, and not as he or she wishes it could be.  Thus, we believe in THE RULE OF LAW. 

5. The people of a nation should determine for themselves the laws which will govern their lives.  Thus, we believe in NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

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